24 Free And Fun Things to Do on a First Date

Are you looking to have a great time with your sweetheart but your budget it too tight? We all know that spending quality time together is necessary to nurture our relationships but in these days it is becoming increasingly difficult to be able to afford going out. One of the things that works to keep relationships alive and ever exciting is by picking a day or night with your partner, at least twice a month that will be “date night”. To get you going, we’ve come up with a fun filled list of great date ideas that don’t cost a dollar.

1. Share your dreams with each other

2. Play cards with another couple

3. Give each other full body massages

4. Go outside and have a snowball or water gun fight

5. Get some fresh air and take a walk hand-in-hand at sunset

6. Sit by the water and skip rocks

7. Search online or in your Sunday newspaper to see all free attractions for the upcoming week

8. Cook a delicious dinner together

9. Create a sexy scavenger hunt with special favor coupons at each site or go geocaching

10. Share your five favorite memories about each other

11. Build a fire in a wheel barrow and make s’mores

12. Spend a weekend camping out in the backyard

13. Take a nap together under a tree

14. Make plans for a romantic getaway in the near future

15. Go to a pet store and play with some adorable animals

16. Lie on a blanket outside at night and enjoy the moonlight

17. Learn a magic trick and amaze your mate

18. Pick a hobby the two of you would love to do together

19. Find free online games where you can play against each other

20. Attend a karaoke night and have a blast watching people perform live

21. Make a difference by volunteering your time together for a worthy cause

22. Go on nature hikes at highly recommended national state parks

23. Schedule an all-day movie marathon in your pajamas

24. Host an at-home board game night with a few of your friends

Now you have no more limitations!! This is an awesome list of 24 totally free things you can do with your partner all throughout the year. By all means, feel free to add to list every time an idea comes to you or repeat your favorites as often as you wish.

The most important thing is that you make spending time together a top priority. If you have very different interests then you can enter this with the spirit of taking turns and become closer than ever by being willing to do on alternating weeks whatever would make your partner happy. As long as you set aside 2 times a month to fully focus on each other, then you stand a great chance of staying together through all the years to come.

Start by making a promise to on another that other than life or death situations, you are not going to allow anyone or anything to interfere with you time together. By making this small investment in the longevity of your relationship, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Now, go grab your calendar and plan your first play date with your mate today!