5 Tell-Tale Signs That He Is Interested And Might Make A Move To Ask You Out

You have been spending a good amount of time with a guy you like, and both of you seem to be enjoying the moments you share together, but you can’t tell if he just wants to be friends or he wants you to start dating. The beginning of every relationship is often the most exciting but it can be really nerve racking when you still don’t know what way it is going to go. You’ll be happy to hear that there surely are some tell-tale signs that could help you determine if he has been thinking about dating you.

1. He always tries to please you: If you notice that he always goes an extra mile to see you smile, then chances are he is interested in you and your happiness. Another example would be, if you tell him about a problem you are having, and he makes it a point to provide you with all sorts of solutions, even if it means that he sacrifices a lot from his end, then he probably wants you to start dating.

2. Always tries to be physically close to you: He finds excuses to be near you, and will use any opportunity to hold you, even if just a pat on the shoulder, playing with your fingers, touching your accessories like earrings – just anything to let you know that he is near. These are all very strong signals that he wants to be in a relationship with you.

3. Maintains eye contact: A man who is interested in more than being friends will talk to you while looking you in the eye as a way to establish trust. He will also be very attentive to you and remember most of the details of the conversation you have with him, because he is genuinely interested in you.

4. Interested in your life: If he wants to start dating you, he will be interested in your personal life and will probably ask you many questions concerning your past relationships, work, passions and anything that may make him know you more.

5. All eyes on you: He doesn’t even notice when another woman walks by. You may even catch him glancing out your from time to time without trying to be obvious. Also, if he doesn’t talk about other woman when you are in his presence that is usually a good sign that you are the one he wants and he has a healthy respect for you.

Basically, when a man is interested in dating, he will devote a decent portion of his time thinking about you and pursuing you. You’ll more than likely hear from him by getting frequent text messages and maybe even phone calls. Although most men aren’t big into making small talk over the telephone, consider it a compliment if he does dial your digits and be sure to answers if you are available. This will make him that much more comfortable to keep calling you.

The most obvious of signs is if he is spending a lot of his free time with you. Do you really need more proof if you are constantly making plans to meet up? Try to take it slow and enjoy where you are at right now because this is the most thrilling stage of the relationship process.