8 Powerful Tips For How to Keep a Guy Interested

We all know a couple like this: they seemed to have a great relationship at first. As time went on, they just sort of drifted apart. When it all ended, it wasn’t because either one did something wrong. It was because they were both bored.

Are you worried that your relationship will end up that way? It doesn’t have to. By following these tips on how to keep a guy interested, you can have a relationship that stands the test of time.ÿ

1. Listen to him. Maybe that tip wasn’t as sexy as you were expecting, but it will do more for your relationship than anything else. Honestly, genuinely listen to him without distraction. When you focus your attention on someone, it sends a message that they’re important and strengthens the connection between you. If he feels like you really “get” him in a way that other people can’t, he won’t want to lose that feeling.

2. Support and encourage him. That doesn’t mean blindly cheer lead even when he does something stupid. It means take an interest in his goals and accomplishments. Encourage him to work toward his goals. If you have concerns, explain them honestly and then let him make his own decisions. He’ll come to rely on your support and willingness to be his sounding board.

3. Have a life beyond your relationship. It sounds sooo romantic to be each other’s entire world … at least until you actually try it. After a while, it gets kind of dull. It also puts pressure on both of you to be each other’s sole source of support, entertainment, intellectual stimulation, and random stories of weird things that happened to you yesterday. When you have your own job, hobbies, and friends, you get some of the human interaction you need from other people. It takes the pressure off your relationship and gives you more things to talk about. It doesn’t hurt that he has to compete a bit for your attention. Guys like a challenge.ÿ

4. Let him have a life, too. Don’t be clingy. Clingy gets boring fast.

5. Take the lead sometimes. Men like to be desired just as much as women do. If he’s usually the one to lead your sexual or romantic activities, switch things up and seduce him. If he usually pursues you, turn the tables and pursue him. The opposite applies, too – if you’re usually the person to get things started, let him do some of the work next time. You may have to drop a hint or two, but letting him “convince” you will be lots of fun.

6. Surprise him. It could be a little bit of role-playing. It could be tickets to a concert. In the bedroom or out, keep him on his toes with the occasional surprise. If he’s never quite sure what you’ll do, he’ll stay intrigued by you.

7. Don’t change your personality to fit his. While it’s natural that you’ll both make some changes as your relationship progresses, you should still have your own opinions and preferences. Don’t be afraid to express them. Most guys like knowing that they’re with a smart woman. After all, if a smart woman chose him, he must be pretty great, right?ÿ

8. Do change your appearance from time to time. Not to the point that you don’t recognize yourself or feel comfortable. Keep your own style, but change up your hair or make-up from time to time to keep things interesting.ÿ
It boils down to this: show him you’re interested, be your best, independent self, and be just a bit unpredictable. He’ll feel the security of knowing you’re there for him and the intrigue of wondering what you’ll do next. That powerful combination will keep your relationship strong.