Can Your Ex Boyfriend Really Love You Again? What You Can Do

Just when you thought you had everything figured out, the man of your dreams suddenly decides to say goodbye. He has a new girlfriend. You then find yourself drowning in alcohol, ballads, and lonely DVD nights in your living room. You realize that this should not be happening to you. You should be with him—that you could very well redeem yourself despite the offensive things that you did to him. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you’re okay with the breakup, you still miss and love him.

Well don’t waste your time crying in a dark corner. There is hope! Your ex boyfriend can love you again. It is never impossible. You just have to make your move before he starts a new relationship with another girl. Even if he has someone new, it it still not too late. Remember that your boyfriend wants to see you differently. He wants a better version of you. So, look at the suggestions below to see if you can get him back:

1. Have fun.

After the breakup, have fun with your friends. Let loose with your friends. When your ex sees how happy and carefree you are, he could become more attracted to you. Perhaps you became too much of a quiet time loving person during your relationship. When he sees you going out a lot, it can surprise him and make him realize that you are fun to be with.

2. Say “NO”.

Your ex might get a whiff of your still existing love for him and take advantage of it. When he asks you for favors, learn how to say “NO”. You should stop being available for him and show him that you have a real life without him in the picture. It is best to keep yourself occupied with errands or fun times with friends, especially during weekends. This will prevent you from even considering spending time with him.

3. Improve your body.

Even if you’re already fit, hit the gym and improve your body more. Working out at the gym helps boost your confidence and strength. When your ex sees you there, he might just realize that he should be your permanent gym buddy.

4. Provide him needed space.

Never follow him around or call him consistently. Your absence can give him the time to reflect and think about what happened in your relationship.

5. Throw away your pride.

If you know that the breakup is your fault, accept your mistake. It is not enough that you show up with a new iPad and his favorite games on xBox. He has to feel your sincerity. He has his mistakes, too, but you have to lower your pride to reach out to him.

6. Empathize.

Sometimes, you just have to put yourself into his shoes for you to see what really went wrong in the relationship. How would you feel if he was the one who flirted at any girl he met? How would you feel if he cheated on you whenever you had to work in another city? This would help you realize that being a woman doesn’t necessarily mean that everything you do is always justified.

Don’t sulk in a corner and cry. You have to pick yourself up and start doing something to get him back. He can fall in love with you again. Just do your best to be the woman he deserves.

Should You Speak To Your Ex Boyfriend Ever Again?

After accepting the breakup, you find yourself looking at your empty and sad reflection. You are torn between completely forgetting about him and re-establishing communication with him. Many moments alone in your room allow you to reminisce the happy moments you had together. You realize that you were good friends before you had a romantic relationship. This encourages you to pursue being on speaking terms with him.

The only problem with this is that talking with him again, might stir some things the wrong way. Take note that before you leave him a message of some sort, you have to meet certain conditions:

a. You have already started seeing other people and establishing relationships with them.
b. You have a mutual agreement that you will just remain friends.
c. You have no lingering issues before you broke up.
d. Your present partner or love interest is okay with you and your ex being friends.
e. You don’t have any romantic feelings for each other anymore.

If either one of you does not meet any of these conditions, then the following are reasons good enough for you not to talk to each other again:

1. Your present partner is not cool with it.

Any man in his right mind is never all right with his girlfriend, still on speaking terms with her ex. It is awkward, especially when you run into each other at a mall or a theater. Your present boyfriend might just end the relationship with you, thinking that you still have unresolved feelings for your ex. Remember that it is a form of respect for your present partner, if you discontinue communicating with your ex. Jealousy and insecurity can thrive in your present relationship and may eventually lead to its downfall.

2. It gives you a nagging thought that your ex might be the one.

Talking to your ex makes you think that he just might be the one you’d end up with someday. You formulate this fairy tale scenario that no matter how many men you see after your ex, you will always go back to him in the end and be happy. This is a nice thought, but it rarely comes true. Always having this speculation prevents you from actually meeting the right man.

3. It can harm the relationship that you’re starting with someone.

It is never a good idea to stay friends and continue to communicate with your ex, when you have a new love interest. You tend to compare your present prospect with your ex. The moment you start doing this, you unconsciously put an end to the blooming relationship. You stop it even before it actually starts. It is best to eliminate your ex from your present romantic endeavors. This gives the man you’re dating the fair chance to prove his worth.

Talking to your ex is nice, but it should not affect your life anymore. A “hi” or a “hello” here and there is good and well, but it should not be on a regular basis anymore. Move on and give yourself the chance to find the true happiness you deserve.

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