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Why A Guy Texts You Everyday

Sometimes, we run into men who we suspect might be our type and realize later that the fact that he has a girlfriend is open knowledge to everyone.

But because we have not dumped them chances into the trash bin, we don’t give them the cold shoulder.

This can induce a man to exhibit weird behavior that don’t reflect one who has a wife or girlfriend.

And texting you is one of those things.

More often than not, the texts are innocent conversation that are not sexual in any way.

Yet you continue to be perplexed at why a man who is attached would continue to text you in the middle of the night even though you feel that there’s little chance of him dropping his girlfriend.

Not that you want to.

It’s crazy to ask a guy to do that when you are not even sure if he would be a good boyfriend.

So why is he texting you like a lover even though he has a girlfriend?

Well… there’s a simple and difficult answer to this benign question.

Let’s go with the simple one first.

And that is that he is simply using you to fulfill his emotional need to communicate and connect.

Simple answer

Very often, relationships that has lasted a period of time become mundane.

Even though trust between partners grow tighter, interactions become boring and can often be limited to being in the presence of each other.

If you have been in a long term relationship before, you’d know what I’m talking about.

We get home, sit in bed or the living room couch, and do our personal things right next to each other.

He might be watching football while you are swiping videos on Facebook.

While both of you might be together, there’s little communication to satisfy that human need to connect with one another.

So by texting you, you are helping him fulfill that need without actually having be betray his girlfriend… at least that’s what he thinks.

Men generally feels that they have not committed treason unless sex with a third party is involved.

I know. We think differently. But that’s just how it is.

The more complicated answer to why he is texting you like there’s no tomorrow is two-fold.

Difficult answer

Firstly, he might be testing the waters of whether you are someone he can have a fling with and keep the secret to herself.

This is common sausage mentality.

Men know that women are emotionally charged and can often do things based on their emotions rather than logic.

If he can make you crave communicating to him, he thinks that it’s a step forward to his goal… even though it might still be a thousand steps away.

But this little progress can often make him feel more masculine about himself.

After all, you might have responded positively to his messages to encourage his actions.

The second part to this is that he is trying to know you better… so that he can determine if you are worth leaving his current girlfriend for.

I know that this might be the answer you are looking for.

But hold your horses!

There’s a lot to think about before you celebrate this analysis.

Men are easily satisfied in a relationship.

And I’m not just talking about the physical part. But also the emotional part as well.

They seldom go for their ideals and most of the time, can settle for something much less.

So when they find a woman they are comfortable with, it can be very tough to leave her as he finds himself stuck in a comfort zone.

Should he leave a girlfriend who he can already accept? Or take the risk of going after you who is a step up?

The risk is that if he fails to seduce you and is left single… and maybe have to get on his knees to beg his now-ex girlfriend to take him back.

So by texting you frequently, he is on a journey of discovery of whether his chances of closing the deal is high.

He would also be wishing that you’d make the first move in making suggestive remarks.

This is so that he can rationalize that his chances are increasing!

The usual story

But what happens with men stuck in this phase of life is that nothing eventually happens.

The longer these text conversations on whatsapp drags, the more he would feel that it’s not going anywhere… unless you encourage him directly or indirectly.

Something you’d probably refrain from doing unless you are already head over heels about him.

Eventually that enthusiasm to text would die down simply because he feels that it is going nowhere.

He has a backup plan after all waiting for him at home. Someone who he has already accepted.

On top of that, the most common scenario is that you are starting to get frustrated or annoyed over this and starts to distant yourself from him.

This only validates his careful maneuver of testing the waters.

He’s then pat himself on the back for a job well done as he can now be convinced that you are not worth the risk and trouble as his chances were possibly non-existent in the first place.

To summarize this and put it in simple terms, when men are flirting with you even when he has a girlfriend, he is probably seeking a casual relationship that includes sleeping together and can be kept secret, or testing to see if you are worth the risk of dropping his girlfriend for.

This might sound distasteful. But I believe it’s the truth.

Why He Has A Girlfriend But Sleeps With You

Romance can induce a lot of people to do illogical things.

It’s just how human beings are wired.

This is why there are so many ways relationships between people can be so complex that even a quantum computer cannot make sense of it.

I’ve seen numerous types of complicated relationships between people. Sometimes they involve 3 people, sometimes 4.

And disturbingly… sometimes 5 or more.

So a man who has a girlfriend but sleeps with you is not as complicated as various other situations other people might be in.

Yet that does not mean that it’s perfectly normal.

As a civilized society, we are taught to have one partner at anyone time.

Whether that is right or wrong is up to personal opinion.

But if you are reading this, you have probably found yourself in a confusing situation. And you are seeking more answers no necessarily to find a solution, but maybe to understand a little bit more about what’s going on.

Maybe he’s married, maybe he has a girlfriend. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that he goes home to someone else after sleeping with you. And that hits you at a spot that is starting to be painful.

The first thing we have to accept is that men have a strong natural urge to have sex with as many women as possible so as to spread their genetic seeds.

This urge might not be as strong today as it was centuries ago. But it would still be there even if it’s just a subtle urge.

So they can be easily be tempted to accept a “free meal” when one is presented on table.

But a sensual desire is not the main reason when he sleeps with you behind his girlfriend’s back.

The biggest issue is almost always about his masculinity, or lack of, when in the presence of his wife or girlfriend.

He needs to feel like a man at home and his current partner is not delivering in his aspect.

This could be that his wife continuously nags at him, boring sex, or even because he has started to find her habits disgusting and repulsive.

He needs to feel femininity again and you have become the source of that fulfillment.

Whether you treat this as a casual relationship or want it to become something more than that is a personal choice.

But the longer this backdoor relationship stays secret, the lesser your chances of him becoming your boyfriend.

This is because he has accepted (Maybe sub-consciously) that he can get what he needs without committing to you.

And with this success, he feels that he can do the same with another women even if you leave him.

When such relationships drag on, the possibility of an open relationship diminishes.

Keep in mind that the fact that there must be some big reason(s) he is still holding onto his current partner. And he might never reveal that to you.

It could be a financial need, a comfort zone he is unwilling to leave, or even some sick version of loyalty.

This implies that the only reason he would willingly and happily leave his girlfriend for you would be that you can meet those undeclared needs of his.

But as stated previously, it’s almost always about masculinity.

He doesn’t feel like a man when he don’t make enough money, he feels like a loser when he cannot accept change, and he questions his own manhood when he cannot do what his head tells him to.

The thing is that if you can make him feel like a man whenever he is with you, the odds of him leaving his girlfriend for you would be very high.

If you don’t care about his financial issues, bad decisions or failures, you become the pillar of emotional support that he secretly craves.

This is not a complete list of his problems. But you get the picture.

The reason he is sleeping with you could also be an attempt to test you out.

He wants to find out whether you would be worth leaving his current partner for.

Do you love him enough to put everything including your reputation on the line. Are you crazy about him enough to make illogical choices. And how would you behave when you have got him in the bag.

This is because he might risk everything by throwing everything down and being with you.

And that is a risk that any logical man would take seriously.

9 Highly Suspicious Signs He Has A Girlfriend And Not Single

Let’s not be sexist here. There are as many women out there dating other men when they have a boyfriend, as there are men dating other women when they have a girlfriend.

Or even worst! When they are married!

The need to protect yourself emotionally and not to waste your personal time has no gender bias.

Yet the signs men display when they are two-timing can be distinctively different from women.

And at the same time, you should not interpreted signs as clear evidence of a two-timing jerk. Very often, certain behaviors are just normal even though every cell in your body tells you otherwise. Everybody is different in their own way. Who are we to say how someone should behave?

Here are some very suspicious signs that he has a girlfriend. Although they can appear as small acts, but they can have great implications.

1) He is nocturnal

While there is a minority of people who sleeps in the day and does their business at night, most people get their beauty sleep at night.

Unless you already have knowledge that he works night shifts and therefore lives day and night in reverse, only being contactable at night can be kind of odd.

Even if you called him and he did not pick up during the day, he’d only return the missed calls late at night. And your messages don’t get replied to until the night too.

If we look at the negative possibilities why his behavior is as such, it is because he has to either wait till his girlfriend is not around, or after his wife has fallen to sleep, to give you a call.

2) Rejects video calls all the time

A decade ago, the general public was not receptive to video calls as people were still self-conscious about it.

But these days, it is part and parcel of life.

It not like you have to make every call a visual one. It’s more like there is no longer a huge resistance for people to make or accept video calls.

This is why when the guy you are dating is always happy to reply quickly to your messages or eager to answer your voice calls, BUT simply refuse to pick up video calls, you might want to give Houston a call. Because you might have a problem.

It could be because he is in the presence of a girlfriend, at home with his wife, kids, or friends who would tell on his adulterous tendencies to his wife.

And if he is not careful, a simple video call can cause him a lot of trouble at home.

3) The only way to get in touch is when he calls

He don’t answer you phone calls. He doesn’t reply to text messages. This is even when you can see the check marks on Whatsapp that he has read your text.

Yet he doesn’t reply or respond until he feels like it… which can be 5 hours later.

Every time you call him, it either an unanswered call or a dead tone to to connection failure. The only way you can ever hear his voice is when he calls.

Men like these are a little shady. Maybe they work as Ninjas.

I suggest that you to run while you still can.

4) His phone is like a body part… never leaving his side

Everyone would have some embarrassing stuff on our mobile phones. Some might be chats, some might be embarrassing videos, or even selfies that make us too fat.

It makes perfect sense that we don’t ever want these unglamorous material of us see daylight.

But the point is that no one will be able to see them just by glancing over our shoulders. In fact, someone would probably have to dig deep into chat histories or social feeds to see these stuff.

And on top of that, even though these things could be embarrassing, they are usually stuff that you don’t mind explaining to friends anyway… just for fun and something to laugh over.

So if the man you are dating is fiercely protective over his privacy on the smart phone, you must ask yourself the question why.

If a man is interested in you and has nothing to hide, he’d not be so afraid of the prospect of you spending a minute with his cell phone for as little as a minute. He don’t even let you casually peek into it when sitting side-by-side.

Maybe he knows that he is toast when you see the photos of him and his girlfriend. Or the chats he has had with her. Or the interactions with his wife on Facebook. Or the personal emails with his mistress.

And even worse… his own celebrity “sex tape” style type of videos. And you are not in it.

5) You number is saved under a weird alias on his phone

It is not uncommon for us to save the numbers of suitors under pet names or aliases.

And they are usually self-explanatory like:

  • Dear
  • Baby
  • Cutsy
  • Boy Boy

You can tell that the few aliases above probably belong to someone you are dating.

So it can be a bad sign if you are saved on his phone as something like:

  • Office supplies
  • Ebay buyer 4
  • Alex (which is obviously not your name)
  • Anonymous (very clever)

This is a very big indication that something is wrong. It’s one of the clearest signs that you are being played. You better get to the bottom of it before you get too deep into the relationship.

6) Never available on weekends and public holidays

A rich guy I went out with recently made me a pretty bold proposal. I felt disgusted. Yet I had to applaud his directness.

He offered to buy me a sports car and provide a monthly allowance above the average executive wage. I would then have to make myself available for him at anytime during weekdays. And I have to promise never to bother him on weekends and public holidays because those days are meant for time with his wife and kids.


Successful men who have become wealthy through sheer hard work or inheritance are usually married early. You can’t blame their opportunistic girlfriends for closing the deal as soon as they can.

The thing is that these man have work as the perfect excuse to stay out late into the night and even spend nights away from home as they are “too busy with work” or “traveling”.

But make no mistake about it. They are smart people. And a divorce due to infidelity is going to REALLY cost them.

It shouldn’t surprise you if your boyfriend is already married if you never seem to see him on weekends.

7) Love making without the finale

On this point, I would only say that if his endurance is too much like a marathon runner than what you are used to… or that he doesn’t finish… he is probably getting some action somewhere else that excludes you.

8) Never invites you to his place

One of the first things a genuine single guy thinks about when dating a gal he fancies is taking her home to spend some alone time together on the couch and in bed.

If you have been seeing someone romantically for quite a while and have yet to ever been at his house or even invited to, you don’t need to be apologetic for feeling a little suspicious.

Maybe he has a messy place and don’t want you to see him living in that state. Fine.

But there is always a chance that he is hiding something at home.

Come to think of it, I’ve don’t think I’ve ever dated anyone and never been to his place by the fifth date.

9) Girly items in his car

Surely you don’t need me to elaborate on the implications here?

Some items to look out for include:

  • Plush toys
  • Cosmetics
  • Sunscreen for women
  • Sunglasses for women
  • Child seat
  • Baby safety lock
  • etc

While these items can be suspicious, I wouldn’t say that they are definite signs of the presence of a girlfriend.

So do tactfully ask him about them. There might be legitimate reasons why these items are doing there in the first place.

Is He or Is He Not? How to Know If a Guy Is Into You

It can be a fun guessing game or a frustrating puzzle. How can you know if a guy is into you? Sometimes there’s a lot riding on the answer. You want to get it right. So what are the signs that he’s as attracted to you as you are to him?

The answer to that question can change a bit depending on the situation. Is it a guy you’ve seen but haven’t really spoken to? Is it someone you know and have talked to, and maybe you’re even friends with? Or is it someone you’ve been out with a few times, but you’re just not sure if it’s moving from casual to more serious?
Some of the signs of attraction will be the same through all these stages, while others will change as you get more familiar and comfortable with each other.

In the first stage, which we’ll call the Interested Strangers stage, you mainly have to focus on body language to see if he’s into you. Eye contact will be the biggest clue. If he’s watching you for longer than the normal second or two that one stranger looks at another, he may be attracted. Try meeting his eyes and holding his gaze for just a moment. Make sure you smile as you do it. Look away and then look back. Is he still watching you? Did he return your smile? If so, things are looking good.

At some point, you’ll have to talk to him if you want to get a better idea whether he’s attracted to you. Watch how he acts during the conversation. Any of these behaviors can signal interest:

–He turns his body toward you. Take a quick glance at his feet if you can. Are they pointed in your direction? Is he facing you? The more focused you are on someone, the more you’ll turn toward them if you can.

–He mirrors you. You touch your cheek, he touches his. You laugh, he laughs. You put your hands on the table, he puts his on the table, too. The exact actions aren’t important, just that he’s (probably unconsciously) mimicking you. Mirroring is an instinctive behavior that establishes a connection between two people. (Hint: try this if you’re trying to signal that you’re into him.)

–He keeps his eyes on you. If his eyes are constantly roaming around the room or he’s always looking at his phone, that might be a sign of disinterest. If he’s mostly looking at you, that’s definitely a sign of interest. One thing to keep in mind, though: a guy who’s shy might look away more because he’s interested and doesn’t want to be staring rudely.

–He tries to impress you. If he’s into you, he’s going to try to prove he’s a good catch by bragging a little bit.

You’ll see these same behaviors in the next stage, which we’ll call Just Friends…Or More? If he’s gotten comfortable with you, he’ll show even more signs that he likes you. In this stage, look for this:

–He gets in your space. He touches you “randomly” or “accidentally”. Or just playfully – messing up your hair, giving you a high five, even hugging you.

–He seeks you out. Does he find excuses to be where you’re at? Does he call or text you more than you call or text him? Does he connect with you on social media? If he’s trying to spend time with you, that’s a clear sign that he likes you.

–He acts protective toward you. If you mention going out with another guy, he wants to know if the guy is treating you right. If you have a problem with something mechanical, he offers to fix it. Most men are protective of people they care about. While that can include “just friends,” combined with the other signs it indicates that he’s interested in you.

In the final stage, Is It Serious?, you’ve at least reached the point where one of you asked the other one out. You’ve possibly gone on a few dates, but you can’t quite tell if he’s feeling romance or friendship. It’s more likely to be romance if…

–He compliments you more. If he occasionally gave you a compliment before you started dating and has stepped up his game, that means he’s paying more attention to you and noticing when things are different.

–He includes you in more areas of his life. Whether it’s telling you more about his day-to-day life, introducing you to his friends or family, or sharing deeply personal secrets, he wants you to know more about him.

–He talks about what the two of you will do in the future. Even if its weeks or months in the future, that’s still a sign that he’s invested in the relationship on more than a friendship level.

–He takes care of you or treats you differently than other friends, including female friends. When he thinks of you romantically, he’s going to treat you differently. In some ways he might be more casual with you than with other people because he’s come to trust you. In other ways, he may be more caring or protective because you mean more to him.

One thing to keep in mind about guys is that they usually aren’t subtle. Don’t tie yourself in knots trying to decide if he’s into you. If he likes you, he’ll show it.

What to Get a Guy For Valentine’s Day Whether You Are Together Or Not

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you’re starting to feel it: the stress of what to get your guy for Valentine’s Day. You want the perfect gift. One that has just the right amount of romance without being too much, one that he loves, one that beats the socks off any gifts he’s gotten in the past from other women.

Of course, if there were just one perfect gift that fit everyone, you could a lot of time and effort. Of course, that would be too easy. You have to take into account your guy’s personality and preferences as well as where you are in the relationship. A gift that’s perfect in the later stages of the relationship might seem like “too much” if you’ve only been dating a few months.

A couple of general rules of giving gifts to guys: something practical, useful, or cool tends to win out over anything cutesy and overly romantic. When it doubt, give food. Anything from a sweet treat to a home-cooked meal can leave your guy feeling like you care. Here are some other suggestions for gifts that will make your guy happy, broken down by where you’re at in the relationship.

Early stages:ÿYou want a gift that shows you’re thinking about him. At the same time, you don’t want to freak him out by giving him something that’s too personal too soon. How do you strike the perfect balance? Think about his casual hobbies and interests. Depending on his personality, you might get him:

-A book by an author he likes, or in a genre he likes. If you’re not sure about his tastes, it’s easy to bring up a book you read and then lead the conversation into what, if anything, he likes to read.

-Ditto movies. At this stage in the relationship, avoid anything overly romantic unless that’s just the type of movie he loves (hey, some guys like rom-coms).

-If he has a sports team that he likes, get him some swag – a hat, a coffee mug, maybe a jersey.ÿ

-Treats of some kind, whether it’s cookies and candy or beer and chips. Just avoid the urge to make the cookies or chips heart-shaped.

Been dating a while: Okay, you’ve been going out for some time. You’re past the initial “getting to know you” phase and have some ideas about what he likes and doesn’t like. You’re both definitely into each other, but you’re not ready for serious commitment yet. You want a gift that shows you know him without implying anything too serious or permanent. You might get him:ÿ

-Something related to a more serious hobby or passion, such as a fishing rod if he’s an avid fisherman.ÿ

-An experience he’s always wanted to try. Maybe he’s always wanted to go rock-climbing, so you find a place that offers indoor rock-climbing.ÿ

-His favorite cologne.

-Something that you make or do for him: a home-cooked meal with his favorite foods, a massage, etc.

Now it’s serious: You’ve made a commitment to each other and you’re both in love. You may be engaged or getting there soon. You have a special relationship, and you want your gift to reflect how you feel about him. You might get him:

-Something that commemorates a special occasion, like a painting of the beach where you spent your first vacation together.

-Something you know he wants but would never get for himself: a collector’s item, an electronic gadget, a new tool, even a video game can be surprisingly romantic if you get it because you “get” him.

-A book of coupons for things you’ll do for him, from washing his car to, well, let’s just leave that to the imagination.

The best gifts are ones that show you know him and care about what he wants, including his comfort level with where you’re at in the relationship. By getting the right gift for the stage your relationship is at, you’ll both have a happy Valentine’s Day.

3 Simple Steps to Attract a Man You’ve Just Met

Picture this: You’re out somewhere, maybe having coffee with friends, maybe at a party, maybe jogging in the park. He catches your eye. He’s good-looking, for sure. But there’s something more. The way he smiles, something in his voice, the fact that he let that mother with two toddlers go in front of him in line.

Whatever it is, he’s got your attention. You’d like to know more about him. But you hesitate because you’ve never known how to attract a man. You don’t want to get it wrong and look like an idiot.

Do you just give up? Save him in your memory for a late-night fantasy and go on with your life?

Or do you take a chance? He might not end up being the love of your life – but then again, he might be your happily ever after. Instead of walking away, follow these strategies that show you how to attract a man.

Let’s look at our scenario again. We’ll say you’re at a party, chatting with some friends when you look up and see him. You’re immediately attracted and want him to feel the same way. Now what? Well, first you need to test the waters and see if he’s interested. Here’s how:

Use body language. Start with eye contact. Generally when you meet a stranger and you’re being polite, you might share eye contact for a second. If you’re interacting with them, it might be a couple of seconds. When you hold eye contact longer, or you look away and look back, that can signal interest. Add in a smile, and he’ll start to feel like there’s a connection between the two of you.

If he looks away or doesn’t return your smile, one of two things is going on. Either he’s not interested, or he’s shy or uncertain that you’re looking at him. Give him a minute. If he looks back and holds your gaze longer this time, or he returns your smile, you can feel pretty confident that he’s intrigued.

If you really want to send a signal that you’re interested in him, try this: with your head turned so he’s looking at your profile, brush your hair back over your shoulder to show a bit of your neck. For bonus points, add in a side glance and a small smile. These gestures go straight past his logical brain and hit his primal instincts. You’re showing that you’re open to his advances, and the vulnerability you display will trigger his instincts to protect.

By this point, you should have a pretty good idea if he’s interested in getting to know you. If he hasn’t come over to you yet, he’ll at least be paying attention to you. You can wait on him a bit, or you can casually make your way over to where he’s standing and start a conversation.

Let your personality shine. Up to this point, we’ve been mostly talking about sending signals with body language. But that’s all surface level attraction. If you’re ultimately hoping for more than a one-night stand, it’s time to see if his personality meshes with yours.

The first key to attracting a man with your personality is this: be yourself, but be your best self. Be friendly, positive, and reasonably upbeat. You don’t have to be Pollyanna, but you shouldn’t be Debbie Downer, either. Find a middle ground.

And the second key? Don’t be desperate. Don’t make him feel like he’s the only chicken left on a desert island with twenty starving castaways. He will run, as any smart chicken would. So don’t try to make yourself into something you’re not. Nothing makes you look sillier than desperation. Don’t agree with everything he says, don’t try so hard to be funny that you’re really not, and don’t try so hard to be sexy that you turn him off.

Instead, relax. If he says something you disagree with, tell him your point of view. Keep it light, not argumentative. Just don’t be afraid to show you have a brain. Men like a bit of a challenge. They also like knowing you’re taking them seriously. Having a fun debate where you listen to his point of view and share yours can send the message that you’re interested in what he thinks.

As for being funny, did you know that most men think you have a great sense of humor if you laugh at their jokes? Yes, sometimes their jokes are corny. Even a corny joke can be funny, though, so give him a laugh instead of an eye roll if you think he’s amusing.

Finally, the secret trick of how to attract a man is actually really simple:

Listen to him. Be interested in him. Look at him when he’s talking and lean forward a bit. Show you’re listening by responding to what he says and asking follow up questions. Then share something similar about yourself. As the conversation goes on, bring up something he said earlier if it fits in naturally, showing that you remembered what he told you.

Not only will listening signal to him that you’re taking him seriously, but it will also give you the clues you need as to whether he’s going to be the man of your dreams.

Knowing how to attract a man is all about sending the right signals and being a positive, pleasant person to be around. Take a genuine interest in him, and he’ll think you’re the most amazing woman in the room.