Why A Guy Texts You Everyday

Sometimes, we run into men who we suspect might be our type and realize later that the fact that he has a girlfriend is open knowledge to everyone.

But because we have not dumped them chances into the trash bin, we don’t give them the cold shoulder.

This can induce a man to exhibit weird behavior that don’t reflect one who has a wife or girlfriend.

And texting you is one of those things.

More often than not, the texts are innocent conversation that are not sexual in any way.

Yet you continue to be perplexed at why a man who is attached would continue to text you in the middle of the night even though you feel that there’s little chance of him dropping his girlfriend.

Not that you want to.

It’s crazy to ask a guy to do that when you are not even sure if he would be a good boyfriend.

So why is he texting you like a lover even though he has a girlfriend?

Well… there’s a simple and difficult answer to this benign question.

Let’s go with the simple one first.

And that is that he is simply using you to fulfill his emotional need to communicate and connect.

Simple answer

Very often, relationships that has lasted a period of time become mundane.

Even though trust between partners grow tighter, interactions become boring and can often be limited to being in the presence of each other.

If you have been in a long term relationship before, you’d know what I’m talking about.

We get home, sit in bed or the living room couch, and do our personal things right next to each other.

He might be watching football while you are swiping videos on Facebook.

While both of you might be together, there’s little communication to satisfy that human need to connect with one another.

So by texting you, you are helping him fulfill that need without actually having be betray his girlfriend… at least that’s what he thinks.

Men generally feels that they have not committed treason unless sex with a third party is involved.

I know. We think differently. But that’s just how it is.

The more complicated answer to why he is texting you like there’s no tomorrow is two-fold.

Difficult answer

Firstly, he might be testing the waters of whether you are someone he can have a fling with and keep the secret to herself.

This is common sausage mentality.

Men know that women are emotionally charged and can often do things based on their emotions rather than logic.

If he can make you crave communicating to him, he thinks that it’s a step forward to his goal… even though it might still be a thousand steps away.

But this little progress can often make him feel more masculine about himself.

After all, you might have responded positively to his messages to encourage his actions.

The second part to this is that he is trying to know you better… so that he can determine if you are worth leaving his current girlfriend for.

I know that this might be the answer you are looking for.

But hold your horses!

There’s a lot to think about before you celebrate this analysis.

Men are easily satisfied in a relationship.

And I’m not just talking about the physical part. But also the emotional part as well.

They seldom go for their ideals and most of the time, can settle for something much less.

So when they find a woman they are comfortable with, it can be very tough to leave her as he finds himself stuck in a comfort zone.

Should he leave a girlfriend who he can already accept? Or take the risk of going after you who is a step up?

The risk is that if he fails to seduce you and is left single… and maybe have to get on his knees to beg his now-ex girlfriend to take him back.

So by texting you frequently, he is on a journey of discovery of whether his chances of closing the deal is high.

He would also be wishing that you’d make the first move in making suggestive remarks.

This is so that he can rationalize that his chances are increasing!

The usual story

But what happens with men stuck in this phase of life is that nothing eventually happens.

The longer these text conversations on whatsapp drags, the more he would feel that it’s not going anywhere… unless you encourage him directly or indirectly.

Something you’d probably refrain from doing unless you are already head over heels about him.

Eventually that enthusiasm to text would die down simply because he feels that it is going nowhere.

He has a backup plan after all waiting for him at home. Someone who he has already accepted.

On top of that, the most common scenario is that you are starting to get frustrated or annoyed over this and starts to distant yourself from him.

This only validates his careful maneuver of testing the waters.

He’s then pat himself on the back for a job well done as he can now be convinced that you are not worth the risk and trouble as his chances were possibly non-existent in the first place.

To summarize this and put it in simple terms, when men are flirting with you even when he has a girlfriend, he is probably seeking a casual relationship that includes sleeping together and can be kept secret, or testing to see if you are worth the risk of dropping his girlfriend for.

This might sound distasteful. But I believe it’s the truth.