How to Avoid Dreadful Marriage Mistakes Most Woman Make

If you are a woman thinking about getting married, or you are already married, it is important that you learn how to avoid marriage mistakes most women make so that you can enjoy a blissful marriage with your partner.

1. Communicate your needs: Communication is one of the top three most important ingredients in a well working marriage. Contrary to popular belief, you should always state what your feelings are, what you need and anything else that you want your husband to know. Although men aren’t known for showing their feelings, it is a natural part of a woman’s nature and you should always feel comfortable to share your feelings with your partner. Assuming that your husband should guess what you want will only make you both miserable. A marriage that has an open communication is likely to succeed and overcome tough times.

2. Make your marriage a priority: Most women forget that marriage is an ever evolving relationship that needs to be built on a daily basis. Unknowingly, they instead give their priorities to things like work or friends, and they end up forgetting their partner’s needs. In the end, both of them become frustrated and bitter due to unmet expectations, which could quite possibly lead to divorce. Always be sure to set a little time aside each day to spend with your spouse, to catch up on how they are doing.

3. Keep your sex life alive: After the birth of children, sometimes women get caught up in taking care of the kids, nursing, playing, cooking and being a mother. This is to be expected in the beginning but overtime they tend to forget that they are supposed to be wives too. As much as you want the best for your children, you should not abandon physical intimacy with your mate. Try to spice things up in the bedroom, by wearing something that makes you feel attractive, being playful and not viewing sex ever as a chore, but as a divine way of connecting with your husband.

4. Look at the positives: Your husband may not be perfect. There is no such thing. He may have his flaws and do things that annoy you, but he also has his positive side which is probably what attracted you to him in the first place. Always try and focus on the positives, while remembering to point out things that may have been making you feel uncomfortable.

As you learn to avoid marriage mistakes most women make, you should never be too eager to please and end up losing yourself in the struggle to be a perfect wife. Balance is the secret and fortunately it is an easy skill to master. Although, it can often seem like a juggling act between all the different hats you may wear at any given moment, the most important thing to keep in mind is that people take place over objects and activities. If you live your life according to that last piece of advice than difficult decisions will become much cleared and the rewards will be a happy household.