How To Get Boyfriend Back When He Has A New Girlfriend

On the day your ex-boyfriend walked away and left you, your world ended. It was very difficult for you to accept the truth that he is not with you anymore. You resorted to begging, drinking, crying, and even stalking him. If you are hell bent on getting him back, then you have to stop wallowing in self-pity. It is time to do something about your crisis.

Starting a relationship is exciting and challenging at the same time. Here, you invest your time, emotions, and energy into knowing that special woman. Sadly, not all relationships last. If yours is one of the many that had an untimely meltdown, then you should know how intense the feeling of loss is. You may even wonder why you broke up with that special man in the first place. If you realize now that you made a terrible mistake, it is time to start getting your man back.

The most important thing to keep in mind before doing anything is that you should think about what you need to do first. You should never be impulsive in getting him back. Rushing into making your ex boyfriend love you again is a futile effort even before you begin. Don’t engage in a suicide mission. Be a good soldier and study your every step.

If you want him back because you can’t see yourself with another man, then it is time to step up to the plate. It is time to make the necessary moves to bring him back in your arms again. Take note of the following techniques:

1. Consider using reverse psychology.

Completely ignore him and his friends. This works if he and his friends were used to your nagging greetings and messages. Pretend you don’t know them at all, even if you are riding the same bus or staying in the same room. This makes your ex and his crew, wonder what is going on with you. Expect them to watch you from a distance, but be ready for some direct questioning. Do this tactic but don’t push it too much. If they do reach out to you, that is the time to talk to them again.

2. Make yourself busy.

Preoccupy yourself with something. This becomes your lasting excuse to NOT notice your ex or his friends. If ever you and your ex boyfriend end up using the same escalator or elevator, don’t be the first one to initiate the conversation. Get your mobile gadget and pretend to do something. If a co-worker or a friend is beside you, keep talking to that person, just so you can avoid looking at your ex or his friends. Bringing a book or having a ready e-book with you also helps a lot. Reading helps keep your head down, so you don’t have to look at your ex or any of his friends.

3. Keep yourself from looking jealous.

If your ex is with a pretty girl, do your best to look apathetic about it. Never show his that you’re jealous. Just pass by casually and ignore them. Do not turn back or move to another direction. Do what you need to do and do not show how heartbroken you really are. Showing your ex that you don’t care about whomever he is with, makes him wonder if you still have feelings for him.

4. Change your overall look.

This announces to the world and to your ex that you are ready for that new stage of your life. The real purpose of changing your look is to show off how confident you are despite the breakup. When people see that you look good, you tell them that your world continues to go on. This also attracts other women. Your ex can end up calling you, once he sees you with your new look.

5. One thing you have to keep in mind is not communicate with your ex all the time. It may be very difficult to do, but you have to erase your ex boyfriend’s number from your contact’s list. If you have his number available all the time, you can just easily dial it and talk to him. It’s so easy to do, but this whole talking-to-your-ex thing is not going to pan out well, because he will just get irritated. Losing the guy of your dreams is terrible, but becoming a nagging, needy, stalker is much worse. When you give in to the urge of calling him, you’re just letting your heart dictate your actions. This time, please do not let that happen, so you can have that chance to get him back.

6. Keep an objective view of any relationship. Accept the fact that no relationship on earth is perfect. It’s a continuous project. Both partners should work on it, for as long as they are willing to be together. Emotional surges, incompatibilities, and misunderstandings should be resolved by the two of you. It really does take two to tango. This means both of you can be right and both of you can do something wrong, which can affect your relationship. It’s not all happy moments. You have to see your faults, too, and correct them, even before you start getting your boyfriend back.

7. Start spending time with him. Of course, you have to wait for the right time before you actually suggest this. Even meeting at a local coffee shop would not be an easy thing to do, if your ex boyfriend is not sure about it yet. Be patient about asking him to meet with you again. Also consider the possibility that he may already have a new girlfriend in his life. If he accepts your invitation to meet and talk, then that would be the time to discuss how you would want to try again.

Getting your ex to love you again takes time and patience, mostly on your part. If you cannot think of any other man to be with, but him, then do your best to be the woman, who he has always deserved. With these given steps, your ex boyfriend will be back in your arms in no time. Just remember that your aim is to make him realize that you are the one for him. Once you get him back, do whatever it takes to keep him in your arms.

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