How to Win Over the Heart of Your Dream Faithful Man

Women do not always have it easy when it comes to pin-pointing Mr. Right and keeping him if you are lucky to find him. This is because unlike women, men control the direction in which their relationships go. For instance, if a man is attracted to a woman, it is easy for the man to make the first move and let the woman know that he is interested in her. In most cases, women have to wait for the right man to come, and this is where the challenge lies.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to hook him and keep him:

Make yourself loveable

This entails dealing with yourself first so that you can nurture the features that will attract the right kind of man for you. Love and respect yourself. Dress properly at all times and pay keen attention to your makeup, perfume and hairstyle. Develop the character of smiling broadly and confidently.

Decide the kind of man you are most interested in

Ladies love different things in men. Identify the characters that the man of your dreams must have. Even though it may feel like forever, there is never a need to settle when it comes to landing your dream man. See out and stick around only the men who have such characters until something clicks. Be friendly and unique, and have fun playing hard to get. This will help you to know those who are serious and those who are not.

Now, here is how to keep the man of your dreams as soon as you have him hooked.

Understand your man’s likes and dislikes

Generally, men do not like nagging women. Who can blame them?! Moreover if you make your man feel that you are needy, he will run for the hills. You need to talk less and listen more. Definitely do not belittle him in front of his friends. Seriously, don’t do it!! When it comes to sexual intercourse, contrary to popular belief – do not be a freak in bed. More importantly, do not use sex as a bargaining tool and be ready to change from one sex position to the other. Instead, respect yourself, love adventure and value your man’s opinions. Ensure that you always look good to him, show him that you rely on him in most cases and always be enthusiastic when you meet up with him.

Accept him the way he is

The ego of men does not allow them accept to be tamed by their woman. In this regard, do not try to change your man and do not compare him with other man. Be yourself, and as you do so, allow your man to be himself. Have fun and do not bore your man with the same sex position for a long time or unattractive clothing.

Briefly, it may not be easy to get a perfect match in life but if you don’t give up or give in – you will attract your dream man, as certain as day follows night. All men are different, and perhaps getting the right man may be trickier than keeping him. This is because keeping him simply means knowing him and never taking him for granted after he has arrived.