Making Him Think That You Really Digg Him

You don’t have to fake an orgasm in the bedroom to make him feel truly valued. That is not something anyone should do. The thing is, a lot of times men just don’t realize how much we like them simply because we work differently. So in these cases, you will have to sometimes fake reactions for men to “get it”. It does not matter if you would make a king’s meal for him at dinner or rub his toes until he goes to sleep. You are under his spell. All that matters is that you being perceived to have the control over where the relationship goes. Here is what I mean.

The first principle must always be: entice him to make the first move. When makes the first move, he implicitly take the position of the pursuer. He is the one who couldn’t control the tightness in his pants and just had to get yo know you better. Men are programmed to talk themselves up to make the first move anyway.

Whenever you are spending time with him, try to do some of these:

1. Smile whenever you are talking.
2. Really listen to him and paraphrase.
3. Be the best version of yourself.
4. Be fun and don’t be a spoil sport.

Smiling goes without saying is an invitation for the other party to carry on whatever he is doing. When you listen, always throw his last sentence back at him with a question mark. This will get him talking more about himself and feel that you are really interested in what he has to say. Even if the topic is boring, paraphrasing can do a lot to hide how bored you really are. As for being your best version of yourself, hey nobody is perfect. But everyone can make their good part stand out. Like is you have an infectious laugh, remember to do it often. If you have a great complexion, make sure not to hide your face. Finally go along with anything he wants to do unless it is something that have proven to freak you out. Not going along can trigger a fear from inside him that you do not like him and find him creepy.