Top 3 Real Reasons Why Decent Men Dump Woman

Being in a safe and secure relationship is a common dream among most woman. More often than not, when one is in such a relationship, they do everything within their personal power to sustain it. In a mutually loving relationship problems are shared, the future seems clear and generally life is usually easier. But even in perfect unions things can go awfully wrong. As a woman it can get difficult especially when one has heavily invested in it.

Below are some of the most common reasons of why men dump women:

1. Lack of Respect:

A man can thrive in all areas of his life, when he is shown respect by the person who matters most in his life. Fail to show him disrespect and he will be out of your life before you know it. On the other hand, respect is the oil that aligns the wheels of the union and if you make this your top area of focus, everything else should fall into place on its own.

2. Bad Habits:

A man is attracted by many things, but a well-mannered girl is the type he likes to take home to meet his Mother. If you want to be his for keeps practice being polite by using kind words and being presentable is always a plus. It is also important to any man to know that his partner is dependable and honest. Being insecure or constantly criticizing hi will walk him straight to the nearest exit door.

It is an unspoken rule in the dating world to always avoid pestering him to commit. If he is dating you that means you are the one he wants and that should be more than enough for right now. Believe it or not, but a majority of men do analyse just after the first few dates, if they can see themselves proposing to you. It means a lot to any man when they are in a relation that has no pressure be there to commit and it is understood that they like to go at their own pace.

3. Taking Charge:

Everyone has their role in a relationship. It is always better for both people involved if you let the man take the lead. One of the things that makes a man tick and come to life is having full range to surprise him woman. If a woman takes it upon herself to make all the decisions, on where to go for dinner, when to meet, and which route to take all the time, a man will take the first flight out of such union.

In conclusion, the real reason why some men dump women can quite often be perplexing, diverse and downright dumb. Not everything in life makes sense and sometimes people make bad decisions that seem right at the time. The best way to avoid being dump is to be true to yourself and know exactly what you want in a partner before you even enter into a relationship. A smart start is good for the heart.