Using Role Reversal To Attract Him Even If He Has A Girlfriend

One of the oldest seduction techniques that have survived the test of time that makes a  woman irresistible to men is role reversal. The simple meaning of this is that you must break free of the stereotypical female role that society expects you to play once you begin interacting with men.

Throughout time, men are stereotyped as being the carefree and promiscuous half of every relationship. Whereas women are usually depicted as more emotionally inclined, need constant attention and clingy to the men they love. Your first task on role reversal is to challenge this general societal misconception. However, it’s important that you don’t misinterpret this crucial piece of advice. I am not suggesting or recommending that you act or be perceived as masculine around men you like. It is also not a good move to have a strong dominant attitude when you are with them.

Rather, what I’m suggesting is that you must consider the “male mindset” and do what you can to apply those male stereotypes onto your own personality or persona and your overall outlook of things and situations.

Here are a few examples to start working on now:

1. You are not looking for a serious relationship. Marriage is not your objective or goal for now, you just want to have some fun dating eligible men.

2. Personal boundaries and parameters are something that are important to you. You would feel like your privacy had been invaded if someone new you were dating showed up at your family dinner.

3. Casual sex is one of the things you find fun and exciting, without any strings attached. Not that you will actually do it. But the personal that you put up has to have these mindsets.

4. Having children is not something you think about at this stage of your life. There is plenty of time to ponder over that when you have met someone you intend to marry.

Do note that these are just stuff that you can embed into your personal or facet. You do not have to really follow them. You get the idea? These perceptions can easily be added into your personality without compromising any of your femininity. Why do I encourage these types of thoughts? The simplicity of the answer may shock you. It is because you don’t want to end up stuck in the same situation that a lot of women find themselves in after they become attracted and interested in a new man.

Let’s say for example, you meet a new man by chance and you are head over heels about him. You develop the relationship too fast and end up pregnant soon after.

You will inevitably want to get married fast, buy your dream apartment and live happily ever after with your prince charming. The only problem is that your man may still be a punk inside and only think about partying all the time.

You will likely end up with a baby with an irresponsible and immature father. The feeling you have for this guy may not even be reciprocated. You should always prevent yourself from falling into this situation as soon as you even sense that it can be a possibility. Having a more masculine mindset is a good role reversal.

By being nonchalant over this, you might just find yourself quickly turning the tables on men. In a lot of circumstances, they become the emotional and vulnerable party. This will play nicely into your hand.

This does not mean that you have to start treating men like dirt. While you might have had previous unpleasant experiences in relationships in the past, seeking revenge by putting men through hoops is a bad thing to do. You are just playing the flirting game with role reversal. Just remember that you are doing this out of fun, flirting and playing. Not to spite, cause hurt, or just to make yourself feel good by getting one over men.

Appear as independent as possible. This is very attractive to men. It gives them a sense of security that you can take care of yourself when they are not around. It makes them feel less guilty when they just have to spend a guys night out watching a game.

These are what you do not want him to think about:

1. That you are like a puppy that does nothing but waiting to hear from him through a call or short text.

2. That you are putting him on top priority for your personal time as if you have no social life of your own.

If you feel that you have little options on men, try out an exercise. Go sign up for a free dating site. Create your personal profile and be as frank and honest as you can. Fill up those questionnaires while being truthful. Upload a real photo you took recently. Don’t lie about your age, height and weight or any of those stuff.

Now sit back and relax and witness the flurry of emails come in expressing interest in you. The good thing about being a woman is that there will always be men who will want you. It is a different story for men. Seeing all these interest for yourself should build up your own self-confidence and self-esteem. Forget about thinking that internet dating is for losers. This is the new world. Online dating is very common and nothing to be embarrassed about.

The key thing to take away is that there are a lot of men who will be interested in you when you make yourself available to them. Once you have this imprinted in your head, you will find confidence and follow through on role reversal without worrying about whether you will spend the rest of your life alone. This is a big technique that can attract that guy you want even when he has a girlfriend.